Mahogany antique table and chair furniture placement guide

Mahogany antique table and chair furniture placement guide

The mahogany furniture has a quaint atmosphere and inherits history. It is not only a part of furniture, but also a cultural and spiritual sustenance. It is the third largest collection after calligraphy and ceramics. It not only has a durable use value. It also has a high artistic appreciation value and collection value.

With the continuous improvement of living standards, the house is getting better and better, the taste is getting higher and higher, and the demand for good furniture for tables and chairs is getting bigger and bigger. The antique table and chair furniture of mahogany has become the first choice for elegant pursuit.

Mahogany antique table and chair furniture placement guide

However, the variety of mahogany antique table and chair furniture, quality is not the same, sometimes it is difficult to choose the furniture of the table and chair set, because of the unknown mix, so that the expensive mahogany antique table and chair furniture and the home decoration are incompatible, it is very embarrassing.

In fact, we often encounter such a situation, a set of thick and extravagant mahogany antique table and chair furniture will make our home look tasteful, graded, and connotation. Want to be in the modern style, new Chinese style home, mahogany antique table and chair furniture can also be used to have a charm, a sense of fashion, then how to achieve classic and fashion in the mix? You need a mahogany antique table and chair furniture placement guide!

Today we share the guide for the placement of mahogany antique tables and chairs.

1,Mahogany antique table and chair furniture placement guide – overall color coordination

For example, curtains, floors, etc. should match the overall style of the table and chair set.

From the visual point of view, the color of the bamboo curtain and the color of the Chinese home will be harmonious, because it is natural. Advocating nature, it can not only cover the wall, but also play the role of dividing the space, but also create a space full of Zen, the effect is wonderful.

The floor should generally be colored with a dark color. If you choose mahogany furniture, then do not match the mahogany floor, otherwise it will give people a strong repression, “It is recommended to choose close color, such as the color of Marl wood, teak.

In addition, the color of mahogany furniture is biased towards wood color, and the lacquering is relatively small. Most of them are wood color, which is warm color. With green plants or pottery, it will create a simple atmosphere. In addition, in order to highlight its color, the choice of light source during decoration Yellow is preferred.

2,Mahogany antique table and chair furniture placement guide – style complement each other

The Chinese-style home design is based on natural soothing, focusing on the interaction between the elements to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere. At present, the high-end mahogany furniture is mainly based on the style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The Ming-style mahogany furniture pays attention to the lines, the style is simple and elegant, and it is suitable for the simple decoration style.

The Qing style furniture pays attention to the carving, the style is more gorgeous, with the European style of home decoration, the effect is very good. Such Qing-style mahogany furniture can be naturally blended into the European-style decoration style, and can neutralize the latter’s foreign atmosphere and add Chinese classical beauty; the two complement each other, which can be described as a perfect combination of Chinese and Western.

3,Mahogany antique table and chair furniture placement guide – clearly placed

Ming style furniture literati features are more obvious, focusing on comfort.

The Ming-style mahogany furniture is simple, beautiful, simple, and emphasizes the smooth line image. In the production, according to the overall requirements, the appropriate partial decoration or carving or enamel or inlay is made, but it is never greedy and piled up, so it is not carved, so the bedroom Mahogany furniture can be chosen in the Ming style, emphasizing elegance and warmth.

Mahogany antique table and chair furniture placement guide

The Qing style furniture is thick and heavy, and the home-specific type and size are relatively large and wide. In addition, the Qing style furniture uses the decorative techniques such as inlaying, engraving and painting to give a sense of majesty, stability and luxury. In sharp contrast to the simplicity and lightness of the Ming style.

Therefore, the living room is more suitable for placing the table and chair set mahogany furniture, and the guests feel an atmosphere when they enter the door.

4,Mahogany antique table and chair furniture placement guide – soft and hard complementary

The characteristics of mahogany furniture design are based on natural materials, emphasizing symmetry and harmony in the layout, insisting on returning to the original in the process, and striving to maintain the original texture and color of the material.

Therefore, mahogany furniture has always been more chilly. When matching, you can keep the traditional culture of traditional mahogany furniture with soft decorations, such as placing some beautifully-made cushions and pillows on the top, so that the mahogany furniture is displayed. The style of fashion is good both from the perspective of beautifying the home and from the comfort level.

5,Mahogany antique table and chair furniture placement guide – focus on embellishment

The combination of table and chair set mahogany furniture does not necessarily have to be “big and complete”: a Baxian table must be equipped with two Taishi chairs, placed in the middle of the hall, which seems to be quite satisfactory. In fact, several mahogany furniture gadgets can also be used as home. “The finishing touch”.

The perfect combination of majestic carving techniques and material textures makes the home reflect the traditional Chinese style without losing the modern style. For example, a small coffee table placed in the center of the living room can not only adjust the space to give people a sense of oppression, but also dilute the dignified atmosphere without being overwhelmed by other furniture.

Whether you are a host or a visitor, you will see it as soon as you enter the house. It is also possible to use the Chinese style embroidered yarn and bead curtain to apply these elements to the screen compartment, window sill or cushion, and cooperate with the Chinese home to reflect the classical beauty of mahogany furniture.Pay attention to the antique furniture store and get the information you want!